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Why Should You Choose a GAF TruSlate® Premium Roofing System

Slate roofing has been used for centuries, and it’s known for its beauty and durability. It’s the material of choice for many homes and buildings as it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Why Should You Choose a GAF TruSlate® Premium Roofing System

In this post, your local gutters provider, Garlock-French Corporation, discusses why you should choose a GAF TruSlate® Premium Roofing System.

Why Choose GAF TruSlate®

TruSlate is a real S1-grade, hand-split slate quarried from North America. It isn’t synthetic and comes from the finest quarries. It’s more cost-effective compared to standard slate roofing. Moreover, it doesn’t call for structural modifications that traditional slate requires so it’s a good option for new construction or remodeling. TruSlate’s classy look can improve your home’s curb appeal.

Traditionally installed slate roof involves tucking one piece under the one above it. With TruSlate, this wasted slate is replaced with a high-tech waterproofing material. Due to its innovative design, the TruSlate System can be installed on almost any roof type.

Benefits of a Slate Roofing

Homeowners choose slate roofing due to its unique appearance, which can give homes an elegant look. It’s offered in a wide range of colors, sizes and thicknesses.

A slate roofing system can last for over a century if it’s properly maintained. It’s more fire-resistant than other roof types, making it especially useful for fire-prone areas. Apart from that, it can endure heavy impact without breaking.

Roofing waste makes up for 5% of the waste sent to landfills each year. Most roofing products last for around 20 to 30 years, so choosing a roofing system that can last for more than 100 years can significantly reduce waste in landfills.

Proper maintenance can even make slate roofing last longer. Hire a reliable roofing and gutters contractor like Garlock-French Corporation to make the most of your investment. Call us at (612) 722-7129, or complete our online form. We work with homeowners in Minneapolis, MN.