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The Risks of DIY Commercial Roofing Projects

The number of homeowners conducting DIY roofing projects has spiked alongside the popularity of DIY home improvement shows. However, the risks of DIY commercial roofing projects far outweigh the money building owners can potentially save. 

The Problem With Flat Roof Installations 

Low-sloped roofing systems and commercial flat roofs are more susceptible to damage than roofing systems with higher pitches. Flat and low-sloped roofs are more exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, not to mention that water tends to pool on flat surfaces. 

To ensure no gaps are left behind after the installation, professional roofing contractors usually apply the roofing membrane in one go. This is to ensure there are no seams in the membrane. For DIYers, this means there’s little to no room for error. 

What’s more, specialized equipment and training are needed to spread asphalt and tar, two commonly used flat roof materials, evenly. Inexperienced DIYers would have a hard time spreading the tar and asphalt roof – let alone acquire the needed equipment to install a flat roof. The Risks Involved 

Given that flat roofs are already vulnerable to leaks, even the slightest installation error can result in moisture damage. And, for businesses, these leaks can be costly. Apart from replacement and repair costs, any disruption to business operations is sure to result in a loss of revenue.

Considering all the risks involved, DIY commercial roofing projects are simply not worth it. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to leave commercial roofing work to the professionals. And, since flat roofs are harder to install, it would be better to hire a contractor with extensive experience in the industry.  

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