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Tech-Savvy Tools Used in Roof Inspections Today

Advancements in roofing technology continue to happen at a faster pace. Apart from better materials, many contractors have been taking advantage of tools to inspect roofing systems. Though they still rely on their sight to spot even the not-so-obvious forms of damage, these tools have made roofing jobs easier for them.

Tech-Savvy Tools Used in Roof Inspections Today

Garlock-French Corporation, your trusted roofing expert in the area, discusses these technological innovations further.


Over the years, the size of drones has increasingly become smaller. These remote-controlled devices have built-in cameras to provide 360-degree views from above ground. Some roofers have utilized them for their inspections, especially when checking roofing systems and their structural integrity.

Thermal Imagers

These devices detect the infrared energy of a material. It changes infrared radiation into visible light, allowing roofers to determine hidden problems that can lead to roof damage and subsequent costs.

Moisture Meters

These devices spot traces of water on construction materials, making them useful tools in roofing. It is possible for even the tiniest moisture levels to cause slow but steady damage to the roof, which is why many roofers rely on such equipment. With a simplistic design and innovative functions, they provide moisture readings with great accuracy.

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