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Signs of Water Intrusion in Chimneys

Rain or snow can seep into your chimney if it is damaged or not properly protected. However, with preventive measures, you can prevent moisture buildup in your chimney.

Signs of Water 

The most obvious indication of a leak in your chimney is the presence of water in the fireplace. Often, water damage in chimneys shows no signs. If you think there’s water coming from your fireplace, look out for dripping sounds, water stains, moist spots inside the firebox, mold growth odors and cracks in the interior and exterior masonry. These signs are easier to identify after a heavy storm or snow, especially the smell of mold.

Noticeable amounts of water from the chimney during rains or snow may be an indication of a missing or damaged chimney cap. This component prevents rain from entering the fireplace. Without it, animals can also easily invade your home. Also, look out for a cracked chimney crown or top seal, damaged mortar joints and unsealed flashing. Cracks and chips on the masonry indicate that your chimney has been damaged for a while.

Immediately have the damaged areas repaired as water damage can spread from the chimney.

How Water in Chimneys Affect Your Home

Apart from mold or mildew, water can damage your home in many ways. It can cause rusting and deterioration of firebox assemblies and fireplace accessories. Water stains the chimney’s interior and exterior. It also often results in rotten wood and supports adjacent to the surrounding the fireplace.

Routinely check your chimney for any signs of water damage, and address all issues immediately. When it comes to chimney maintenance services, you can rely on Garlock-French Corporation. In addition to chimney repair and maintenance, we also offer metal roofing and gutter cleaning services. Our team of experts will make sure that your gutters are perfectly cleaned and maintained. Call us at (612) 722-7129, or fill out our online form for a free quote. We work with homeowners in St. Paul and Minneapolis.