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Roofing Series: Slate Roofing Advantages

Your roof takes a constant beating from the elements. Over time it can fail or deteriorate. What you can do to keep your home and family protected is by replacing your old or damaged roof with a stronger, more efficient system. Need to upgrade your Minneapolis roofing? You can always count on Garlock-French Corporation to come up with the best solutions—in this case, installing a slate roof.

Here’s why going for this type of roofing system is a great idea.


Slate is available in a variety of sizes and colors, giving you more options for customizing the look of your next roofing system. Lighter tones exude understated elegance while darker tones allow you to express your artistic side. At Garlock-French Corporation, we carry shades of black, gray, green, red, and even the rare purple. We have trained professionals as well who can help you find the color that best matches your home.


Slate is naturally tough, making it a good long-term investment. It has a longer lifespan than a conventional roofing system and, when well-maintained, is known to last for over a hundred years! Slate roofing does not rot which means it can protect your family from harsh climate for years to come.


Fungus and mold do not affect slate even in areas with humid climates. That means you won’t have to do much to keep this type of roofing looking good and performing superbly. As with other roofs, regular inspections work wonders of course, but other than that you can rest assured that your slate roof will last a long time even without frequent repair or tune-up.

Slate roof is always a great option especially if you are looking for a weather-resistant roofing system that also offers beauty to your home. The catch? Not all roofers know how to work with it. Good thing Garlock-French Corporation does. We’re the only company able to provide you with the best quality slate roofing in St. Paul.

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