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Important Things You Need to Know About Metal Roofs


The recent study by Dodge and Data Analytics reveals that metal roofing now owns an 11% market share in the residential remodeling sector. Although it’s still a distant second after asphalt with 78%, the report suggests that more homeowners are learning to appreciate its overall value.

Metal Roofs

Metal has unique and desirable characteristics that make it an ideal roof replacement material. But to understand why a metal roofing system makes a smart investment, Garlock-French Corporation talks about some facts about it:

It Protects You From Lightning

One of the common misconceptions about metal is it attracts lightning. The truth is, it conducts electricity but doesn’t draw flashes of lightning to it. The fact that it’s noncombustible renders it a safe choice to prevent fire. Besides, your home’s likelihood of getting hit by lightning wouldn’t increase with a metal roof. It tends to strike the highest objects in the area, which are usually trees and power poles.

It Wouldn’t End in a Landfill

Metal is one of the few 100% recyclable roofing materials. It embodies sustainability, minimizing the need to deplete precious natural resources. When it reaches the end of its service life, recyclers would just reclaim and repurpose metal roofs to make new products.

It Gives More Bang for Your Buck

Metal can last for many decades. As a result, it would come with a longer warranty, which serves as your insurance against material, manufacturing, and workmanship defects for an extensive period. With minimal maintenance, a metal roof can stay in good repair for the years to come under normal circumstances.

It May Make You Eligible for Tax Credits and Insurance Discounts

Any experienced roofing contractor would tell that metal combines exceptional energy efficiency and impressive longevity. Thanks to these qualities, you may qualify for programs that incentivize homeowners for investing in a tough and energy-saving roof.

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