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EuroShield®: Cultivating Stronger Protection

Modern homeowners prefer three popular materials for their roofing system: slate, asphalt and metal roofing. When shopping for a new roof, you should, however, start with materials from EuroShield®. They provide the finest roofing products for the utmost protection of your roof.

EuroShield®: Cultivating Stronger Protection

Garlock-French Corporation explains the advantages of these products below.


People are still attached to the beauty of a wood roof. However, wood roofs can suffer from a variety of problems, including premature failure.

EuroShield offers a great alternative: the EuroShake®. It is designed to imitate the look of a genuine cedar roof. It gives your home the timeless look of a wood roof without its disadvantages, such as rot, cracking or warping.

EuroLite Shake® 

The difference between a EuroLite Shake® and a EuroShake is the thinner outline of each shingle or shake of the former. It comes with an adhesive strip similarly used in asphalt shingles for a swift installation.


Slate roofing is a bit more expensive and difficult to install due to its heavy weight. Luckily, EuroShield has come up with the EuroSlate® line, a roofing material replicating the texture and look of a slate roof. This roofing material eliminates the high cost and extreme weight of a regular slate roofing system.

EuroLite Slate® 

This roof accurately replicates the look of a New England or Vermont slate. Like the EuroLite Shake, it comes with an adhesive strip for fast and easy installation.

The Garlock-French Corporation believes that a big part of quality lies in the materials used for your roof. As one of the leading roofing contractors in Minnesota, we know exactly what your roof needs in terms of product and service and deliver it.

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