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Animate Your Home’s Exterior with the Right Roof Colors

Your roof is more than just a barrier that keeps the elements out. It can also affect your home’s aesthetic value. Your choice of roofing colors can breathe new life and give depth to your home. It can also affect your neighbors’ impression of you. For this, it is essential to take the time in selecting a color for your roof.


Let Garlock-French Corporation, the expert in roofing in St. Paul, suggests these useful tips on selecting the perfect color palette for your roof:

Focus on Your Home’s Inherent Features

Your home has its own personality. You can see this from its prominent features, shaped by its geographic location and history. Choose a Minneapolis roofing color based from this information. For instance, refined and subtle colors work best for a stately home. Meanwhile, trendy and bright colors complement a home with peculiar characteristics. Determine your home’s dominant features and start working from there.

Refer to Your Surrounding Landscape

The area surrounding your home can also serve as an inspiration in choosing a suitable color palette for your roof. For instance, cerulean blue tones complement a home close to the coast while forest green hues blend well with the surrounding woodlands.

Hire an Experienced Design Team

You can count on us as the leading provider of metal roofing in MN to help you choose the best color for your roof. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, we are trained and experienced in identifying and recommending the best roofing color for your home. We can also use their visualizer tool to help you see the effects of each color combination to your home. This will give you the option to upload an image of your home to experiment on until you are satisfied with your color choice.

Animate your home with the right roofing colors and make it a remarkable sight for onlookers. Let Garlock-French Corporation’s design team help liven up your home. We can also provide you with quality gutter inspection and cleaning to help maintain your gutters. This will keep it from clogging, preventing water from overflowing and ruining your roofing’s beauty. Call us today at (612) 722-7129 to get started with your roofing project.