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5 Winning Qualities of EUROSHIELD® Rubber Roofing Systems

Nearly 20 years ago, an innovative roofing option was born: the EUROSHIELD® rubber roofing line. Like GAF® asphalt shingles, EUROSHIELD rubber products are an excellent alternative to traditional materials. As their trusted installer in the region, Garlock-French Corporation sheds light on their winning qualities:

 Rubber Roofing Systems

1. Old World Beauty

EUROSHIELD rubber roofing solutions replicate the striking charm of genuine hand-split or taper-sawn cedar shakes, or authentic chiseled-edge slate. Without the initial steep cost, they can lend your home an upscale look. Available in thinner and lighter profiles, expect the installation of your EUROSHIELD rubber roof to finish quickly.

2. Exceptional Weather Protection

Rubber can stand up to hail, heat, rain, wind and snow. EUROSHIELD roofing products meet the requirements of accelerated weather tests. This is why they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty despite not being around the market as long as other options.

3. Incredible Decay and Crack Resistance

EUROSHIELD rubber roofing solutions are impervious to moisture and do not crack or shatter, unlike untreated cedar shakes that are prone to rot and traditional slate that’s brittle. EUROSHIELD products also refuse to sustain damage when exposed to the elements. Experienced roofing contractors understand EUROSHIELD products and know they’re safe to walk on.

4. Graceful Aging

While all roofing products are bound to fade at some point, rubber roofs develop a soft, warm and rich patina over time. When exposed to equal amounts of sunlight, expect a slight and uniform color change.

5. Sustainable Material Composition

Like metal roofing systems, EUROSHIELD rubber products are some of the eco-friendliest you can find. They comprise 95% recycled materials from reclaimed old tires. Installing a EUROSHIELD roof on an average-sized home keeps about 250 to 1,000 old rubber tires from ending up in landfills. The combination of longevity and sustainability of EUROSHIELD products have little environmental impact.

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