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Homeowners Should Check their Gutters in Minneapolis before Winter


The winter forecast from is finally out, with an article posted on the website saying that states in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest will have above normal snow. Homeowners ought to ensure that their homes and their exteriors are ready for snow with blasts of extreme cold so they can be worry-free come winter:

Those living in the northern Plains and Upper Midwest should plan for plenty of days requiring snow boots and shovels, as several strong systems are expected to unleash above-normal snow totals.

Across the Ohio Valley, Midwest extending toward the central Plains, a wintery mix will accompany an active storm track.

Farther north, across parts of the northern Plains and Upper Midwest, snow will be favored over rain, resulting in higher snow totals in December into January.

Frequent arctic blasts will take aim at the Dakotas and Minnesota late in the season, leading to some extreme cold at times.

In late December and into January, the Midwest may be in an ideal position for a big storm. Conditions could align to bring Chicago a winter storm in time for the holidays.

Des Moines, Minneapolis, Omaha and just northwest of Kansas City can each expect above-normal snowfall this season.

A recent report, however, indicates that Minnesota may have gotten a taste of winter sooner. Last October 20, 2013, KARE 11 reported that snow arrived in the morning in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Bob Weisman, a meteorology professor at St. Cloud State University, says that the snow will not likely remain. On the other hand, the early snow pretty much signals the start of winter season in the state.

At this rate, homeowners have less than two months to winterize their house exteriors. Because of the earlier-than-expected snow, homeowners should begin checking their gutters in Minneapolis or any place in Minnesota to prepare their homes for the season.

Checking the gutters is important before winter. Debris such as acorns, branches, and most especially leaves from the fall season may accumulate, keeping water from freely flowing through. When winter sets in, the stagnant water can freeze and cause gutter damming, which may damage the entire roofing system. If heat from the indoors melts this water, it may penetrate into the home and cause mold and mildew.

With the clock ticking, homeowners ought to check their gutters soon and make sure that they are clear of debris. They can hire a skilled professional who is experienced in Minneapolis gutters for the job to ensure that they function at optimum performance. Homeowners can explore having gutter protection installed and scheduling maintenance, as well.

(Article Excerpt and Image from US Winter Forecast: Snow to Bury Rockies; Slow Onset in East, AccuWeather, Inc., Published October 21, 2013)