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4 Elements of a High Performing Household

Whether you’re building or improving your home, you need to understand how to enhance its performance. According to ENERGY STAR, investing in home performance can make your house more comfortable. Moreover, it can boost its energy efficiency.

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In this post, we talk about the elements that contribute to a high performing home. minneapolis roofing experts, Garlock-French Corporation is the trusted provider of quality products and services. We will help you achieve a high performing home. First, you must understand these four elements:

1. Energy Efficiency
A house is high performing if it consumes less energy than it produces. Moreover, it should have several components that are certified by ENERGY STAR. This is a program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which aims to help businesses and individuals protect the environment through energy-efficient products.

2. Health
Another indication of a high performing home is a healthy family. According to Builder Online, nearly 7 million emergency department visits in the U.S. are due to respiratory illnesses. One reason respiratory problems develop is when a huge percentage of contaminants are present indoors. The more well maintained your home is, the less likely your family is exposed to toxins.

3. Weather Protection
A high performing home should have adequate protection from harsh elements. Consider replacing your old drafty roofing. With this home upgrade, you’ll experience better-quality protection. New roofs tend to be more durable and resilient. We would know this, as we specialize in installing quality roofs. We provide cedar shingle preservation, asphalt shingle cleaning services, and more.

4. Disaster Resistance
A high performing household is one that can take on anything the weather throws at it. It should withstand high winds, storms, and hurricanes. Nonetheless, a home like this isn’t achieved overnight. This winter, keeping your home in good shape is necessary. Be sure to start winterizing your home.

Keep your home at its best condition with Garlock-French Corporation is here to take care of your needs –from your gutters, chimney, and masonry to your roofing in St. Paul. Professionally trained workers do our services. We want every homeowner to enjoy an energy-efficient, high performing, and comfortable home.

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