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Tips on How to Avoid Gutter Maintenance Nightmares

Your gutter system will always need maintenance. However, it doesn’t have to be a huge burden. Nobody loves spending the day cleaning filthy gutters, which is why it’s worthwhile to take certain measures for easier upkeep.

Tips on How to Avoid Gutter Maintenance Nightmares

To avoid maintenance nightmares and help your gutters function normally, Garlock-French Corporation shares some practical tips:

Invest in Protection

The best way is to cover your gutter system, which filters out debris naturally. Uncovered gutters are vulnerable to all kinds of detritus, causing them to clog quickly. Since blockages aren’t going to remove themselves, unprotected gutters need periodic cleaning to ensure your roof’s drainage system works well, especially during the wettest months.

Numerous gutter protection systems are on the market. While they differ in design, they perform the same job: keep the debris out and allow the water in. Choosing the perfect protection system for your gutters involves a lot of consideration, but it usually boils down to aesthetics.

Go Seamless

Unlike traditional sectional gutters, seamless ones consist of straight shots of unmarred metal. Eliminating the seams, except on the corners, dramatically eliminates the chances of leakage. Sectional gutters rely on sealants to connect pieces together, but they deteriorate in time. Failure to detect damaged sealant can easily lead to leaks. Fortunately, this is no longer a concern in seamless gutter systems. They can remain watertight for years with little maintenance.

Cut Overhanging Branches

A little tree trimming goes a long way. Other than being the main source of debris, overhanging branches also give access to critters to nest or run for cover. Sharing your gutters with these unwanted guests can affect your home’s structural integrity. Squirrels and rodents usually gnaw on building materials and damage the roof and siding panels.

Say goodbye to burdensome gutter maintenance. Apart from cleaning your gutters and downspouts on your behalf, Garlock-French Corporation offers a broad range of solutions to minimize upkeep for good. Call us at (612) 722-7129 today to talk about your needs and get an estimate in Minneapolis, MN.