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Gutter Protection Systems: Which One is Best for Your Home?

Keeping your gutters clean is easier said than done. Climbing the roof and cleaning your gutters take a lot of resources. For safety reasons, it should be left to professionals. The best solution is to get a reliable gutter protection system.

Gutter Protection

Your choice should reliable, easily maintained, and fits your existing gutters in Minneapolis, MN. While there are several brands, specifications, and designs available from any given contractor, they can be classified into three:


Gutter filters are specially-designed foam with holes big enough to let water through, but small enough to keep anything else out. The installation is unique in that instead of a hood-like cover, the gutter is filled with it to the brim. Rainwater is filtered through to a channel at the bottom of your gutter. Everything else stays on top.

Filters are the easiest to install among other kinds of gutter protection, virtually maintenance-free, and require no modification to your existing gutter system. Our filters come from Leaf Defier™, as they also have anti-microbial additives that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and others. They also feature fire-resistant coating and a protective UV coating.


Gutter screens are a more rigid approach. The screens are specially designed hoods that cover the gutter tops. Perforations along its length let rainwater pass through. Anything else just remains on top, which eventually dries up and blows away. We recommend Gutter Shingle™ for gutters in Minneapolis that experience heavy rainfall.

Reverse Flow

This gutter protection system is a bit more complicated and requires professional installation. It is similar in design to gutter screens, but instead of filtering the water like a sieve, it relies on water surface tension to route the water into a narrow slit. Leaves and debris simply fall off the edge or blown away.

Any of these solutions work with varying degrees of success. If you’re unsure of what to get, let us inspect your Minneapolis gutters, and give you advice on which gutter protection is best for you. Our professionals at Garlock-French Corporation will be glad to help you with keeping your gutters clean.

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