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5 Elements of Proper Gutter Maintenance

Having worked on thousands of gutter systems over the years, we at Garlock-French Corporation can say with certainty that gutter maintenance involves more than just periodically removing dirt and debris from your gutters.

Gutter Maintenance

The following are the elements of proper gutter maintenance and why they’re important:

  1. Regular inspections – Gutters keep rainwater from pooling around your home’s foundations; otherwise, the concrete foundations will absorb the rainwater and make them brittle. This could lead to catastrophic damage to your home. Regular visual inspection is important, ideally done once a month, and another after every storm. The hardest part is committing to routine, but this is where modern conveniences, like recurring monthly calendar entries with notifications, can help.

  2. Timely repairs – If you do find anything that needs repair, such as holes in the gutter, misaligned gutter lengths, and clogged downspouts,  do not put it off and have it repaired as soon as humanly possible. Small gutter problems can snowball into bigger problems if not addressed in a timely manner. Repairs should all be done by professionals.

  3. Mind the surroundings – Keeping your gutters in good shape also involves taking your surroundings into account. The eaves should be in good condition to keep the gutters in their place. Trim about 10 feet of clearance between the surrounding trees and the roof’s edge, as the branches could poke into your roof and gutters.

  4. Invest in gutter protection – Gutter protection systems are a relatively new way to protect your gutters. Available as filter protection, screen protection, or reverse flow covers, gutter protection basically prevents solid material from getting into the gutters. In addition to keeping your gutters clear, they can reduce your maintenance requirements and prolong gutter lifespan.

  5. Professional maintenance – Your home’s upkeep requires a lot of work, but don’t worry, gutter contractors like us can carry that weight for you. In addition to scheduled gutter cleaning, we also offer superior gutter repair and replacement services plus gutter protection installation.

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