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Winter and Your Roof: The Aftermath

Now that spring is here (at least on the calendar), it’s time to identify any damage your roof sustained from the harsh winter we all survived. The most obvious places to check are gutters, downspouts, vents and other items visible from the ground. The weight of the ice build-up this year and the freeze/thaw cycles we went through are cause for concern. In some cases the shingles at the lower edge of the roof may have granule loss or been damaged more severely by ice dams. It’s not uncommon to see gutters and aluminum fascia hanging from the lower edge of the roof. If you see stains on the siding under the eaves this may be a sign of more serious problem. We provide a professional roof inspection service along with the necessary maintenance and repairs to correct any problems. If you think your roof may need serious work, our estimators are ready to evaluate your situation and propose thorough solutions.