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Roofing in the Winter

Most people tend to forget about roofing projects when the temperature drops and the first snowstorm arrives, however there are several types of roofing and roofing related services that can be delivered year round. Asphalt shingle manufacturers recommend their products be installed when the ambient temperature is 40 degrees or above because the shingles won’t seal properly and there is the danger of improper nailing with pneumatic guns. Emergency shingle repairs can be done by hand nailing and sealing the shingles with mastic. Most of the other objections to roofing in the winter are practical in nature related to the wind chill for the crews and the cost of removing the snow before any work can be done.
Wood shake and shingle and most metal roofs can be installed in the winter given a workable temperature and weather conditions after the old roof has been removed and the deck has been determined to be dry and in sound condition.  Small single ply flat roofs can also be installed given the same conditions. Most gutter applications are also workable if the ice build-up at the lower edge of the roof is minimal. Many installations, skylights, heat cables, HVAC curbs etc. can also be done with a few extra precautions. And, of course, snow and ice removals and emergency repairs are routinely done during the winter months.