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Putting Your Home On A Bid? Replacing Your Roof Might Help You Out

Whether it’s a warmer or colder weather forecast, Spring has been consistent in bringing in a lot of surprise to many homeowners who longed to increase the value of their home. It constantly pays its surprises, as the varying weather conditions this season actually play an important role in the real estate market today. In fact, the prices offered for eager house buyers on the market are increasing due to low inventory of the houses on the market. An article from described this event as:

Low inventory across the state pushed Minnesota home prices higher for a 14th straight month. The median average price climbed 5.3 percent in March, compared to a year earlier.

Twin Cities homes prices saw a bigger jump of 7.6 percent in March to $190,000.

“With the low inventory, home prices are staying high,” Johnson said. “We have a lot of buyers in multiple offers, and homes selling quickly, sometimes above list price.”

With that being said, it is the perfect time for homeowners to open many doors of opportunities in improving the curb value of their house—just in case you are interested in putting your house on a bid. As a matter of fact, alongside other home improvements that can increase your home’s value, roof replacement is said to also add more curb appeal to your home. Similarly, the Remodeling Magazine highlighted that replacement projects are preferred as these put in much value than remodeling projects.

So how do you know if it’s time to replace them?  If your roof seems too old and leaks annoy you every time it rains, time to pick up your phone and call well established roofing contractors in Minneapolis.  Allowing them to inspect your roof can help you decide whether to strip down your old roof or just repair them.

For more reliable services of roofing in St. Paul, Garlock French Corporation has been offering its matchless roofing expertise in the state for more than 80 years—more than enough to garner praises from both its clients and roofing organizations worldwide.

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