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Providing Peace of Mind Since 1932

Fall Leaves: A Beautiful Balancing Act

As the seasons change and the leaves change and prepare to drop for the winter, they provide a beautiful landscape for at least a short time.  Then what was beauty can become a nuisance.  When leaves drop for the winter, not only do they cover the grass, but they often end up in your gutters and downspouts.  You may not even know that they are there, but they are accumulating and blocking drainage around your home.  Although it can be dangerous, the leaves should be cleaned out.  So what is the balancing act?  In Minnesota, there may be a short window between the leaves dropping into your gutter and moisture and temperatures that cause them to freeze there, making them difficult (if not impossible) to remove.
One possible solution to this problem would be to add gutter protection/covers that allow drainage but manage to keep most of the debris (leaves, seeds, dirt, etc.) out.  Garlock-French would be happy to discuss your options and give you an estimate.  We also can help you stay safe by cleaning your gutters each year in the fall if you prefer.  We are here for you!  Contact us at: or 612-722-7129.