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3 Reasons to Replace Your Current Siding with Vinyl Siding

New Siding

Consider Vinyl Siding

If you want to re-side your home, then you probably have looked at a few different options. After all, there are a lot of available materials for siding your home. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for good reason. It is durable, has a wide range of options, and you do not have to worry about extensive maintenance. Here is why you should consider vinyl siding.

Minimal Maintenance

When you invest in new siding for your home, the maintenance costs that you’ll have to pay down the road should also be taken into consideration. Generally, with vinyl siding, you simply need to hose it down every once in a while. It has a low maintenance design that doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals like paint or stain. Even after years, your siding can still provide the same level of protection that it did when you first installed it.

Varying Styles

Siding does not come in one style. When it comes to siding, you want it to be able to match your architecture. If you have a style that you like, you can probably achieve it with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can come in different styles such as fish scales, hexagon shakes, and more.

Environmentally Friendly

For environmentally-conscious homeowners, vinyl siding might be the answer. Vinyl siding is one of the most environmentally friendly exteriors for your home. The siding itself can last 20 years or more. The thicker the siding, the longer it lasts. If your vinyl siding needs any repairs, these repairs can be completed with very little waste due to the panel design which allows you to replace smaller pieces.

If you are ready for siding that requires little maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and comes in several styles, it might be time to install vinyl siding. Contact Garlock-French Roofing for your siding needs as soon as possible! Call 612-230-8351 or email us today for more information.